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Multiple Scrap Graphics and Image Codes - Scroll all the way down to view all of our Orkut Multiple Scrap graphics. Remember that there may be more than one page, and if there are extra pages, links to view extra Multiple Scraps will be at the foot of the page. Although these Scrap codes are mainly used on Orkut profiles, they can also be used on the majority of social networking web sites including: Friendster, Xanga, Cherry TAP, Hi5, Zorpia, Stickam, TooSpoiled, Yahoo360, Flixter, Tagged, Perfspot, AIM Pages, HoverSpot and Veoh. To use an Multiple graphic on the site of your choice, simply copy (control + C) and paste (control + V) the code into an area of your profile, or a Scraps form that allows html code to be added.

Multiple Orkut Scraps - Scrap To All

MultiScrap - Scrap multiple friends at

MultiScrap - Scrap multiple friends at

LATEST FEATURE : Learn how to send pictures or orkut graphic scraps to all your friends from

Scrap your Happy New Year message to all your friends in one go

The Multiscrap feature was developed by to make it easier for you to scrap messages to your friends at orkut.

To load this feature all you have to do is to copy the code below by selecting it with your mouse and then pressing Ctrl+C or by right-clicking and selecting "Copy".

Then go to any page in orkut and then click on the address bar (the region where you type,, etc...) and paste the above code by pressing Ctrl+V or by right-clicking the mouse and selecting the "Paste" option. Then hit "Enter", and thats it. Enjoy the feature by scrapping to as many friends as you like.

If you want to send scraps to only certain friends, then click the "select friends" button and while pressing the Ctrl key select the friends you want to scrap by left-clicking the mouse.


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